Putting Your Dog Into Rescue

Jack Russell terriers are not easy dogs. Many owners acquire a Jack because they saw them on TV or they have a friend with a great Jack or they just tripped over a cute small pup in a pet store or on Craigslist. Six months later, these nice people are wondering why they own the dog from hell. Please check out our page on BEHAVIORAL ISSUES before giving up on your Jack.

Stuff happens. People lose their homes, people get transferred, someone dies, the new job takes up way too much time – and there is no longer enough time or space for a highly active dog. When this happens and you need to find a new home for your Jack, we can help you.

As a rescue, our priority is dogs already in shelter situations and our foster space is limited. Owner dogs usually have to wait their turn if they need to come in to foster care. We can however help you place your dog out of your home by posting the dog online and pre-screening applicants. Since we are extremely selective about our adopters, this can be a long process, and it depends very much on the age, training level and ‘issues’ the dog has. In order to have your dog posted on Petfinder and our website, you will need to contact our adoption coordinator. You will be asked to complete a personality profile and also send us three or four good digital photos.

We will pre-screen all applications – only the ones we consider suitable will be forwarded to you for the final decision. In return, you will be asked to let us know if you place the dog elsewhere. If the dog is placed through Jack Russell Rescue OWII, the adoption fee paid by the adopter goes to Jack Russell Rescue OWII to help less fortunate dogs. We will hold the adoption contract and do followup to make sure the dog is doing well in its new home and/or troubleshoot any issues the adopters may have. This process requires that you – the owner – be candid about your dog and communicate fully with JRR OWII throughout the process.

We cannot and will not place dogs:

  • with a history of severe aggression towards people or other dogs
  • geriatric dogs with terminal illnesses
  • unneutered or unspayed dogs

If your dog needs to come in to foster care and space is available, there is a $50 surrender fee and you will need to complete a personality profile and provide us with all veterinary records.